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Friday, February 17, 2012


In various organizational audits I have performed over the years when evaluating accident and incident investigation and analysis records... in many instances I noticed a lack of documentation and managements understanding, quantifying, and accounting for the indirect loss costs of an injury accident or incident. Example: When it comes to a Workers' Compensation (WC) Injury, your WC insurance carrier will pay the cost of the employee injury and his time away from work (of course you will to as a business at some point in your future premiums as well... However,  who is paying for the rest of the Indirect Loss Costs associated with that loss? Let's take a look of some of those Indirect Loss Cost items that are not usually quantified, listed, or calculated on the accident or any other report! One that I didn't list for various reasons but must be thought about because of its costly consequences is, third party liability. 

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