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Friday, May 24, 2024

After a review two different accidents. Both of these accidents occurred on a well known US Rail system suffering fatal major losses and loss costs at railroad crossings. They were  caused by critical tasks that were normally thought to be routine tasks and never identified as critical until after the accident. 

All occupations, operational tasks, and maintenance tasks must have a Task and Critical Task Breakdown Analysis and Observation System. This must be accomplished to support and benefit  the financial stability of the entity, for the safety of the individual performing the task and those affected who may be in the area of it's performance, within the process, up and down the supply chain, system, and the safety of the existing local community and beyond. 



 Regardless of the business, organization, entity, if we're discussing Critical Tasks, Critical Parts, Critical Equipment, Critical Process, Critical Standards, etc., when they fail, there can be major loss. So, if they are not identified, listed, inspected, observed, evaluated, analyzed, maintained and controlled in your business or organization, on a pre-planned schedule; there is good indication and chance that a major event will occur with major loss and loss cost. So time is Ticking... Will, and can you afford to take that chance?

Global Loss Control can assist you with this professional loss control management program element. Do to system complexity Job, Task, Critical Task Analysis is different than Job Safety Analysis



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