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Friday, May 24, 2024

                                 OVERVIEW OF SAVINGS 

Case Study #1: A Steel Manufacturer
A floating tube system from Oil Skimmers helps a steel
manufacturer with a 148” plate mill and 86” hot strip mill save
approximately $400,000 per year.
By recovering the high-grade lubrication oil that leaks into the
cooling water, the company not only saves money but recovers
an average of 15,000 gallons of oil each month, as well.
Case Study #2: A Producer of Canned Meats
An Oil Skimmers system helps a producer of canned foods
including turkey, chicken, ham and beef not only save money
– but make money.
By using a skimmer on its treatment lagoon to draw off the
fat generated in the cooking process, the company
recovers approximately 10,000 pounds of fat or waste oil
per week. Further, by selling it to a reclaimer at the going
market price, the company earns anywhere from $2,500 to
$5,000 a month.
Case Study #3: A Grinder Coolant Pit
A company extends the life of its coolant using an Oil
Skimmers floating tube system – and saves $12,000.
With a coolant pit capacity of 14,880 gallons that uses 295
gallons of coolant concentrate at $1,500 per charge, the
company was able to save money by using the system to extract
the waste oil as it passed by in the normal circulation of coolant,
extending the length of time before the coolant was dumped.
Environmental Considerations.
Since 1974, the Environmental Protection Agency has
issued guidelines and standards regarding effluent
limitations for more than 50 industrial categories. These
rules are aimed at reducing the discharge of conventional
pollutants by at least 115 million pounds per year at an
annualized cost of $1.9 billion.
In a review of manufacturing facilities that produce oily wastes,
the EPA found oil skimming to be an effective and
environmentally friendly option. As noted by the EPA, skimmers
are cost-effective and efficient at removing waste from water.
According to the agency, skimming, along with water
conservation, leads to generating less pollution and leads to
more effective treatment of wastewater. Skimming is also
more effective in removing effluents, saving industry over $40
million in annualized costs.
Because skimmers assist in helping companies reuse water,
this in turn helps businesses save money by reducing water
consumption bills.
Again, the oil and grease collected by a skimmer can be
valuable to other industries. For example, industries with
vegetable oils or animals fats as by-products can be provided
to industries that make products ranging from biodiesel to
soap to animal food. Waste petroleum oil can be reused to
make new petroleum products.

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